About IVF Treatment

Question : Does IVF ensure 100% success rate in a single attempt?
Answer : Such claims are totally misleading. In a single attempt, in which embryos are transferred in the same cycle as ovum pickup, one can expect about 30-40% Success rate can be enhanced by improving embryo freezing technique and using those embryos after a few months to avoid the need for repeated ovum retrieval procedures. Embryo freezing has multiple advantages. A couple with surplus frozen embryos can directly go for a transfer cycle and avoid all the costs involved with injections given for ovarian stimulation and also anesthesia given for a repeat ovum retrieval procedure. It is unscientific to think that one needs a certain number of attempts for ovum retrieval for 100% success guarantee. One should undergo IVF at a center that pursues scientific approach and uses frozen thawed embryos in an optimal way.
Question : Is bed rest compulsory after undergoing IVF?
Answer : This widely believed perception is unscientific and illogical. Some people also blame insufficient bed rest for failed results, unnecessarily causing guilt in the patient’s mind. Rest can be actually harmful and has absolutely no role in determining the success of an IVF cycle.
Question : What should be avoided in IVF treatment?
Answer : Multiple attempts at ovarian stimulation and ovum pick-up and ignoring freezing embryos is avoidable. Also, transferring many embryos in the same (fresh) cycle and not freezing those is a big mistake. Certain centers transfer more than four or five embryos together, which can have serious side effects like multiple pregnancy and obstetrical problems. In Europe or the USA, they perform transfers with very less number of embryos, sometimes only one! We routinely freeze most of the embryos in our patients and transfer not more than two in a single attempt. This ensures minimal obstetric complications and equivalent or better pregnancy rates.