Women's Institute of Infertility and Gynaec Endoscopic Surgery

WINGS Hospital is a state of art specialty hospital/clinic in India infertility treatment IVF, Endoscopy, Surrogacy, Fetal Medicine, Gynecology, Wellness, situated at Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat, Udaipur, Baroda and Kenya

The WINGS Women’s Hospital at the Ahmadabad provides best quality, comprehensive, holistic care to women of India at a reasonable cost. An interdisciplinary team of expert and caring professionals is committed to meeting the physical as well as emotional and spiritual needs for each woman and her family.

The WINGS Women’s Hospital has been designed and furnished to provide a high level of Fertility care with comfort and privacy. Every room is spacious and private. The architecture is soothing and dignified, with a clean, modern design. Hospital is having India’s first 0.3 micron clean air IVF treatment lab. Hospital is having dedicated department for Surrogacy.

WINGS Hospitals – Best IVF clinic in Ahmedabad, India has a separate dedicated Endoscopy department. Hospital/clinic is having 1st installation of HD camera in India. Hospital is having dedicated Endoscopy Consultant team to treat various difficult Gynaec surgeries. Hospital/clinic is having separate maternity unit and an expert consultant to treat high risk pregnancies.

The WINGS Hospital has specialized fetal care centre which provides comprehensive range of services for screening, diagnosis and counseling & management of fetal abnormalities during pregnancy. The centre is equipped with state of the art diagnosis ultrasound machine with 3D/4D and ultrasound screening is performed by a senior consultant.

WINGS Hospital is known IVF clinic in India for statewide and beyond as a leading center with advanced, high-tech care for women. No matter how complex their medical needs, WINGS Women’s Hospital also focuses on holistic, humanitarian and meaningful relationship with their patients. Not only does the WINGS Hospital/clinic offer women medical, nursing and allied health expertise – it offers convenience, choices, shared decision making and responsiveness to lifestyle and family issues. Outpatient and inpatient services are available in a beautiful and functional space