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what is it and what to do?

Indian women is 5 year older in terms of fertility power compared to Caucasian population.

 • After the age of 30, Indian women should be prompt in checking the fertility power through blood test like AMH if they deciding for late family planning. AMH is a screening test by which couples can decide whether they should wait any longer or not.

• After the age of 35, it is my simple advise- not to wait more than six months if you are not able to   conceive.

• Don’t waste your time after age of 35 for IUI, even if financially and psychologically the couple is   not ready for IVF. IUI should be restricted to 2 or less post 35 years of age.

Advance maternal age and infertility - wings Hospitals

• At WINGS, we believe in high end & precise treatment for advance maternal age(>35)  in IVF. We strictly adhere to Only Day 5 embryo transfer, Freeze all, PGS and ERA which are advanced    genetic tests by which we can offer single and healthy pregnancy. Transferring embryo in same        cycle will promote couple toward egg donation.

• It is important to visit clinics with above strategy in advanced maternal age to reduce the chances of egg donation.

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