Egg Donation

Egg donation & IVF is required in female, who are unable to produce egg, or produces bad quality of eggs. Where anonymous egg donor is selected & sperm of husband is inserted & embryo is created, which will be transfer in female (wife) for pregnancy

Who require egg donation?

After certain time of menstruation specially in menopause & when associated age is more than 45 years(advanced maternal age)
Premature ovarian failure
Women who is having multiple abortion with any known genetic disease where egg donation is the only option
Multiple IVF Failure with exhausting ovary
After removing of ovary in certain cancer treatment

Steps of Egg Donation

Step1:Consultation & Counselling:

Explanation will be given regarding the reason for egg donation, if no option is available.

Sonography: to assess the uterus & to assess the uterine lining should be >7mm, ideal is 8 to 10mm.

Donor Selection:

  • According to ICMR guideline option will be given
  • We are proud to say that, we are having high end donor program at our clinic with all detailed transparency
  • After donor is selected – financial part will be explained.
  • Blood tests of husband & wife will be done
  • One semen sample of husband will be freeze.

Step 2: Egg collection

1st visit to start the treatment from 2nd day of menstrual cycle. She has to take only medicine to make uterine lining

Follicular monitoring of donor
Collection of eggs will be done

Step 3: Collection of husband sperm& selection of sperm

On the day of egg collection of egg donor, Sperm will be collected from husband, then one sperm will be injected in the donor egg