IVF an ideal Treatment for infertile couples seeking Parenthood

IVF an ideal Treatment for infertile couples seeking Parenthood


An IVF stands for “in vitro fertilization”, in this process the egg is fertilized outside the body or the womb, and then the embryo is re- implanted in the uterus, once the fertilization happens or takes place.

Let’s understand the need for IVF?

Fallopian tube damage

Infertility in Men

Infertility in men could be because of various reasons, like, illness, injury to reproductive anatomy, hormone disorders, obstruction, etc. These reasons can affect the sperm count and also prevent conception, either temporarily or permanently.


This is a severe disease, women who can’t conceive because of endometriosis, can have a child through IVF. Endometriosis can be treated with the help of medical therapy and surgery. Don’t worry; women suffering with endometriosis, can accomplish their dream, of becoming a mother and experiencing motherhood

Infertility related to age

If you look at the reproduction life of a woman, the functioning of ovarian starts to reduce with age. Any woman above the age 35 has a tough time getting pregnant or conceiving.  Women have also started reaching menopause at 40s.


In case of, an ovulation, the patient can conceive.

Infertility that cannot be explained

These days, many couples, are not able to have a baby. In spite, of a complete evaluation or check up, one is not able to; identify the cause or problem of infertility. IVF is the right treatment to overcome these obstacles.

Genetic screening

Genetic screening or testing is done on pre-implanted embryos, to understand, if the patient is at risk, for any kind of genetic disorder, it also helps infertility issues, due to chromosomal abnormalities.

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