August 24, 2017

Seminar at Ahmedabad

Advancements in ART Dr. Amin breifly described the 5th day blastocyst transfer benefits with also the benefits & use of Embryoscope in IVF treatment
August 26, 2017

East Ahmedabad

Advancements in IVF treatments Dr. Jayesh Amin briefly described about the new technology like Matcher, IMSI, MACS, PGS & PGD.
August 26, 2017


Advancements in ART Dr. Jayesh Amin gave briefly details about the new innovations in ART. All the delegates updated their knowledge regarding IVF.
August 26, 2017


Individualised Ovarian Control Dr. Jayesh Amin briefly gave the information about stimulation protocol to the Gynaec society of Modasa.