Recurrent IVF failures- ‘A burning issue of society’

Recurrent IVF failures- 'A burning issue of society'


Indian medical fraternity lacks guidelines for IVF regarding the type & standard of lab and instrumentation required. Also, no specific education and qualifications are fixed for an embryologist and the biggest menace is free lancing of embryology which directly impacts the results negatively and thereby increases IVF failures in the society.

Main issue in the recurrent failure cases is female egg quantity and quality as multiple attempts depletes the ovarian reserve thereby leading to more failures and thereby needing third party donation. So a structured method adopted from day one of IVF treatment can guarantee a lesser need for third party donation.

To improve the IVF results and reduce recurrent failures couples should keep a track of the below:

  1. Visit only experienced IVF specialist which cannot be a routine Gynecologist.
  2. Need to choose state of the art and advanced IVF lab with high tech instruments with proper QA/QC in the lab
  3. In house experienced embryologist team
  4. Only Day 5 embryo transfer
  5. Freeze more embryo and spare more qualitative embryo transfer after one month period.
  6. Use of advance technique like PGS and ERA in selected patient

At WINGS, we offer patients ‘least trial concept’, our own smart IVF concept where we are interested to give pregnancy in less than two trials which will decreases the financial, physical and psychological trauma to the patients.