Smart IVF

What is Smart IVF?

Smart IVF means, collection of eggs from female & sperm selection by best protocol like (Gradient -> MACS -> IMSI) & then incubating the formed embryo in world’s best incubator, followed by constant monitoring of O2, CO2 & pH level. This gives confidence to patient as well as clinician to ensure that the best, embryo day-5 (Blastocyst) is formed & frozen. As a matter of fact that each good looking embryo does not convert into pregnancy, so we need to confirm it by Biopsy (especially those who failed in previous attempt & age > 35) & then transfer in natural cycle.

What is the need for Smart IVF in society?

To prevent unnecessary ovum pickup & embryo transfer
To achieve the pregnancy in faster way
To decrease the rate of abortion
It is the most precise way to achieve the pregnancy

What are the percentage of successful results in IUI?

0.3 micron clear IVF lab will decrease the VOC in the lab
Best incubator with time lapse technique
Constant & frequent calibration of incubator (CO2, 02& pH level)
Best laser to cut the embryo, with in-house experienced embryology team
Constant emphasis on QA/QC to ensure adherence to protocols

Why Smart IVF for Smart Couple?

Main aim of any couple is to achieve pregnancy in minimum attempts. This will prevent expenditure for the treatment & reduced physical involvement of the patient. It will also prevent psychological impact on the couple. Most importantly it will decrease the third party donation programme in society.