Infertility Hands-on Training Programme - 7 Days

I. Endocrinology

a. Long Protocol
b. Short Protocol
c. Ultraflare Short Protocol
d. Mild Stimulation Protocol

II. Ultrasonography

a. Baseline
b. Follicular Monitoring
c. Endometrium
d. Advance Color Doppler (3D & 4D)

III. Oocyte Pick-up

a. Oocyte Retrval (Hands-on)
b. Oocyte Screening & Maturation Assessment

IV . Embryo Transfer Technique

a. Ultrasound Guided Embryo Transfer Technique (Hands-on)
b. Different Transfer Techniques

Embryology Hands-on Training Program: 7 Day

a. Theoretical aspects of Embryology
b. Theoretical aspects of Microscopy
c. Screening of Oocyte from follicular fluid
d. Maturitty & Grading of Oocyte
e. IVF / ICSI Procedure
f. Embryo Development Assessment(Day 0 to 5)
g. Embryo Grading System
h. Embryo Transfer Techniques (Embryo Loadng)

Training Coordinator Contact: Ashok Patel: +91 93287 12384