What is personalized approach in IVF?

Let me try and put this entire concept in a layman terminology. The ability to grow a healthy plant requires a good seed be planted in a fertile soil. Then it requires proper nurturing till it thrives. Similarly, successful IVF requires the same relationship. A good seed is a competent, chromosomally normal embryo and fertile soil is a receptive uterine lining.

What is personalized approach in IVF? - wings Hospitals

Step by step approach in this concept can be as under:

 • It is important to define the variables that affect embryo quality and uterine receptivity for each patient

• To avoid “one size fits all” protocols for controlled ovarian stimulation. Instead it is necessary to individualize the protocol to fit the profile of each individual so as to establish an optimally nurturing environment for developing follicles, eggs and uterine lining.

• To precisely time the egg retrieval (ER) and then safely extract, eggs from the woman’s ovary.

• Provide the environment for the embryo to grow till the 5th day. Along with this PGT is must in cases of advanced maternal age and repeated failure cases. Another genetic testing called ERA is used to know the exact transfer window period of each patient. This test has shown great promise even in case of a single failure cases.

 Finally, to increase the chances of implantation, it is in the interest of the patient to go for scratching of the endometrium. It has shown good results with increase in the endometrial thickness. So by the use of advanced genetic biomarkers for individualised stimulation, hormone(FSH & LH) receptor, Euploid chromosomally normal embryo (PGT) and in even single implantation failure with the help of ERA, we can move towards single embryo transfer.

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