What to do IUI or IVF?

IUI is a low success treatment which usually kills precious time, fertility power of the body,money and leads to psychological distress to the couple.

 So couples who have time on their hands, more fertility power and psychologically not ready could be offered IUI treatment to start with in the following case:

IUI or IVF treatment - wing hospitals

• Young age < 30 years • PCO( AMH > 2.5) • But stop IUI beyond 3 attempts because it doesn’t increase the success rates. • By killing fertility power through IUI, it decreases chances of pregnancy through IVF treatment as well. • Gynaecologists can refrain from overcommitting IUI results which will eventually benefits the patients through IVF.

 Don’t go for IUI if:

• More than 35 years age • AMH less than 2 • Husband semen count is less than 10 million

• Both tubes are bad with grade 3-4 endometriosis.

 So the question that arises is that when to and where to start IVF?