When and where to start the IVF treatment?

Patients are confused about the time to start the IVF treatment. Should the age be considered as the parameter or the duration of the treatment? In Indian female, age beyond 35, IVF will be a better option.

More than 5 years of infertility period again strongly indicates IVF treatment. At any point, if AMH is less than 2.0, IVF is strongly indicated. In the era of IVF treatments, 3 IUI attempts are enough.

When and where to start the IVF treatment? - Wings Hospitals

Due to lack of regulations, patients are confused where to start the IVF treatment.

There are no set parameters to indicate which is the best center for IVF treatments. But according to me, the following criteria is important in a IVF center

 • More than 5 years of specialty infertility experience :of the doctor.

• Most latest technology with 0.3 micron clean air modular lab.

• In-house and more than 5 years experience of embryology team.

• Atleast one triple gas bench incubator.

• Day 5 embryo transfer & freeze more strategy for all.

 Advanced maternal age and zero/low count cases are the most difficult to treat in IVF and therefore PGT, ERA and Micro TESA are the mandatory requirements. Clincians with an approach towards Qualitative embryo transfers should be consulted to begin with.

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