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Factors That Contribute To Infertility in Men And Women

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Factors That Contribute To Infertility in Men And Women

After a year of attempting to conceive, you are said to be infertile if you are unable to become pregnant. Endometriosis, congenital anomalies, and thyroid disorders are some of the female causes of infertility. Low testosterone or low sperm count are two possible symptoms of male infertility.

As one becomes older, their chances of being infertile rise with time. In accordance with the Office on Women's Health Trusted Source, men's issues form the basis for a third of infertility cases, with female infertility accounting for around one-third of those cases. Infertility in both men and women may be to blame for the residual third of cases, or there may be no recognised cause. There are several factors that may contribute — over time — to the infertility rates to increase in both men and women.

Factors That Contribute To Infertility In Men And Women

How readily a woman ovulates, becomes pregnant, or gives birth can be influenced by a number of things. On the opposite end of the scale, infertility is a condition that affects both men and women. Let's examine a few of the variables that could affect both men and women's infertility.

In Men

  • Sperm Disorders: Male infertility can be brought on by problems producing healthy sperm. Sperm may be insufficient or underdeveloped, have unusual shapes, or be incapable of swimming. Men who encounter male infertility frequently describe a variety of sperm problem causes.
  • Injuries and Abnormalities: Men who have undergone pelvic surgery or have sustained groyne injuries as adults or youngsters. men who experience pituitary or hormonal abnormalities.
  • Diseases: Liver diseases, kidney-related infections and diseases, and some medical conditions, including tumours or long-term illnesses like sickle cell disease.
  • Environmental Factors: Many scientists think that environmental factors account for the continued fall in male fertility. It might be dangerous to expose the genitalia to hazardous substances or high temperatures.
  • Habits/Lifestyle Related: Unhealthy habits like smoking, consuming alcohol or illegal substances, and being overweight are linked to an increased risk of male infertility. Medicational consumption (for various diseases) may also result in infertility.

In Women:

  • Fallopian Tube Damage: The fallopian tubes can suffer damage from STIs such as chlamydia and gonorrhoea.
  • Polyps, cysts, a septum, or contractures inside the uterine cavity are examples of uterine problems. While certain anomalies are present at birth, others, like polyps and fibroids, can develop on their own.
  • Unprotected sexual intercourse with numerous partners raises your risk of contracting an STD that could later affect your ability to conceive
  • Eating Disorders: Eating Disorders may lead to ovulation problems.
  • Limited Capacity: All of a woman's eggs are present when she is born, but this supply may fall before menopause.
  • Ovarian disorders: This can range between polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and other follicular diseases.
  • Smoking, Alcohol Consumption, and Other Habits: Just like in the case of men, smoking, alcohol consumption, and exposure to various toxins are certain contributing elements in the fall of fertility levels in women.

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