PCOS – A Blessing in fertility Treatments

PCOS - A Blessing in fertility treatments

As we know – PCOS is POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN SYNDROME which represents with irregular menses, skin manifestation and infertility.

India is considered as a hub for PCOS with every zone of India having 12-16% of incidence. Every 6th Infertile couple has PCOS. Therefore it is a question of worry and thus we need to discuss – weather is it really tough or a blessing in fertility treatment to have PCOS in current scenario.

As we know that in PCOS, IUI gives 13 -20 % of cumulative pregnancy rate after 6 cycles. But in PCOS ovary is very sensitive to stimulation and IUI stimulation is never controlled properly by any hormone. Apart from results, multiple pregnancy cannot be controlled by IUI Treatment, where ovarian hyper-stimulation is one of the threat behind the treatment.

After the invention of the antagonist injection in IVF Treatment , which overall controls the hyper-stimulation by 75 -85% followed by the strategy of giving lupride injection of ovulation trigger that reduces hyper-stimulation up to 98%.Further, with the invention of freezing technique,it is imperative to consider freeze all embryo technique which directly reduces ovarian hyper-stimulation up to the stage of0 %

OHSS was considered as a big threat before 2008, and with the above mentioned protocols, we can make a clinic OHSS free. With the use of Embryo Vitrification & subsequently transferring an embryo in the HRT cycle after one month makes the way for higher success rate thereby empowering the clinician to give‘assurance’ to the patient to achieve the pregnancy in a fastest way with nil complications.

It can be concluded that in this era of fertility treatment, PCOS pathology can be considered as a blessing to enjoy the parenthood faster, easier, and without complications. All said and done, it is important to have a robust clinical strategy to tackle this menace.